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What is Allay Life?

Allay [al·​lay] to calm; to lessen or relieve

The vision for Allay Life grew from years of experience meeting individuals and families who received unexpected news about their pregnancy over the phone, through an online patient portal, or from a healthcare provider with limited knowledge.

Most people had to wait days, weeks, and even months to connect to a specialist, leaving them frustrated, anxious, alone, and unsupported at a time of life that should be joyous and exciting.

As they awaited an appointment with a specialist, expectant parents shared stories of searching the internet and talking to others in hope of finding more information to calm their worries. Yet, the information they found often left them more confused and worried.

Even after seeing a specialist, parents-to-be were left feeling confused, unheard, and hopeless. There was a lack of clear and compassionate communication, follow-up, and support.

They commonly heard the worst possible outcome and sensed that pregnancy termination was being “pushed”. Some were forced to make unimaginable decisions in a short amount of time due to state laws surrounding pregnancy termination.


At Allay Life, we believe every person deserves immediate access to compassionate expertise and support to allay the emotions that come with unexpected news during pregnancy.

Find Light in the Unexpected

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